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Order follow-up.


So, as I'm sure you all know because I won't shut the hell up about it, I should have my Canadian residency very soon. Once that much-coveted visa arrives, I'm planning to take a trip back to NOLA to get yearly check-ups, gather the rest of my possessions, and say farewell to warmth, nature, and other similar concepts. My tentative date for this is mid-to-end April.

Before then, I plan to place several orders and, since free shipping is involved over a certain amount, thought I'd open them up to anyone who wants to hop on. (Frankly, after paying Canada Post rates for almost a year, it will be a joy and pleasure to send items via USPS. :P )

The definites are:
Voda: Organic, artisanal soaps made in Connecticut. I ordered the "Oshun" box set back in November and have nearly finished the four soaps included: Sweet Ginger, Neptune, Moroccan Love, and Bay Rum. All of them were marvelous. Capiz also says that the Ginger and Blood Orange body butter is very good.

Bella Lucce: I need more face stuff, and if anyone wants to jump on for face/bath/body stuff, cool. :)

The possibles are:
Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: Vodou things! I'll have to place this order soon because all of the herbal oils, powders, etc. are freshly-made. My last order took about three weeks to ship, but the products are marvelous and definitely worth the wait. (I will also, of course, be around Sallie's shop and able to pick up items from there.)

BPTP: I am considering two of the massage oils and, if anyone wanted something that comes down soon (like the Lunacy tee or the Valentine's rose scents), I would be happy to place this order ASAP.

Let me know!


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Mar. 12th, 2009 09:21 am (UTC)
I will have to think on this. Sadly, the knobby candle broke in transport somewhere, and I'm not sure if I can still use it. There might also be some other stuff. I'll look at the sites.
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