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So yes, I received my lovely box of goodies from Lei. And her note which had me laughing out loud. Also, you have tiny and perfect writing.

The chilies are a mild to medium chili, which can also be called Chile Negro, or black chilies. It's good, thank you!

And the Soro Wisa? Ground pepper! And supposedly a very expensive pepper too, related to the black pepper. Thank you again!

I'm scared to try the tamarind balls! And I think if I open that Masala Thick Sev, I'm gonna eat it all. Or at least it looks that way from the picture on the front! EDIBLE OIL for the WIN!

And thank you for the books! woot! Beauty recipes by season! How cool is that?!? And Angels! MWAH! And of course the pern ones.

I think the voodoo kit might be making the rounds though... ;)

As for your last about not putting the buzzer number on? My Mail lady knows me by name now, heh. She would have known which one to push. Thanks for the thought though!

MWAH again! I love everything!

Coelho, anyone?

I have a copy here of The Witch of Portobello that a friend gave me to read. It's sort of a "pass it down among friends" kind of thing, and now that I've read the book, I'm loath to just donate/BookMooch/whatever it. Is anyone interested in reading this? If so, I'll mail it your way sometime next week; just let me know. :)
Eeiiiii!! MICE!!!!! *squeal*

Thank you, ladies!!! :D That's so sweet!! :D

Wishlisty stuff?

Cause Ath said so, here is an update 'like' list :)

I am pretty well set on perfume, however I firmly believe that one can never have enough soaps, scrubs etc. :)  (Yay for citrus, ginger, honey, amber, vanilla & aquatics.  Dragons blood, jasmine, rose, almond all hate my skin and do Very Bad Things (tm).) 
I love spices, salts, dark chocolate, teas and anything cooking or wine related.
I love warm fuzzy things...  socks, wrist/leg warmers, tights, scarves, gloves...
Shiny things!  I make them, I love them, I love it when people make them for me :)
If its handmade, recycled, found in a funky little thrift or gift store - I will love it...

Hope that helps!

Since peeps have asked.

I'll try to convey "here's what my wishy things are" without sounding like a total dipshit. :P

Perfume/bath stuff is listed here, and books are on my big spiffy public Amazon wishlist.

As for other "general things I like" -

-Recycling is awesome. I actually prefer items used rather than new, so hooray, I'm cheap! (The exception is food. I generally care if that's been used. :P )

-I'm dieting and working out in earnest, so I'm trying to avoid the temptation of delicious luxuries like chocolate, alcohol, etc. Tea is good, though! particularly smoky teas like Russian Caravan and lapsang souchong, and herbal ones as long as they don't put me to sleep.

-I am trying to learn the Russian language and also attempting to cultivate a decent Russian accent when speaking English. Any language/dialect resources would be awesome.

Favourite colours are dark green and black, preferably together. Urm...I think that's it!

Wishlisty stuff for Valentine's Swap

*points to icon* I always feel like a dork spelling out a wish list... I'll make an effort though...

I'm good on perfume and bath products at this point. There's nothing out there that I really want/need.

Yarn. Natural fiber, jewel tones. Vintage knitting needles of any size (wood or bamboo is better). Needle cases. Interesting knitting patterns. Unusual buttons.

Sugar free candies, minimum 70% dark chocolate, sugar free cocoa, spices, salts, loose black or oolong teas.

If you're crafty, I always love anything that's handmade no matter what it is.

That's all I can think of... I suppose if there are any questions, funnel them through Ath. :)

Hey all you awesome people!

A lovely Ukrainian Christmas tomorrow to all of you BPAL Chat lovelies! As you know, Ukrainian Christmas heralds the Valentine's Day Switch here at BPAL Chat. If you are interested in being a part of this, please leave a comment no later than Jan 14th. This will give you one month to purchase/send the Valentine's Day gift for your recipient!

1. Please update your wish lists, or make it generally known what sort of thing you would be interested in receiving some how - Jett somehow always knows what people want, as well, so if you are stuck you can ask her! She's got mad skillz like that.

2. Plz try to get the gift to your recipient on or before Feb 14th! If you get delayed for unavoidable reasons *coughPolidoricough* then let your recipient know.

3. Like last year, the general cap is $30. That seemed to work out well for people last year.

4. I am on vacation, but I will still be able to get this organized for y'all. I expect to be able to match people up by random draw and let you know no later than the morning of the 15th of Jan. Please put your e-mail addys in the comment below as I will be on my lappy and I don't have everyone on there. Yes, I will know who is buying for me but I will pretend I don't, so no pressure! Knowing me, I will probably forget anyway.

5. Uhh...I can't think of a 5 except - any questions?


I apparently have two orders to make, and wanted to make sure I didn't leave anyone out. First is Mandrake Apothecary, and second is TAL.

Of course, I'm up here in Canada but am willing to receive the item(s) and ship out to others. If you'd rather do it the other way, that's cool, but not required!

Lemme know. :)

Vodou-y orders.

Hey, all. I've been hoarding monehs for a while so that I could stock up on lots of stuff while back in the States. It's getting to be that time, and I'm making orders soon! If anyone wants to jump onto these, please feel free.

I'm going to Sallie Ann's shop while in town and planning to pick up an order that I will place online. The address is here. Her shop carries mostly Vodou and Santería items. Tell me by Wednesday if you want on, and if so, with what.

I'm also planning an order with the Mistic tonight. The Mistic is more generalized, with Catholic and Wicca items as well as Vodou, Santería, Lucumi, etc., and they do not ship internationally (but I do, ha!). I'll be placing that order tonight, so please tell me asap if you want on!

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